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Trailblazer Marketing was founded by the SEO brothers, who have been in the trenches and have firsthand experience with the transformative power of strategic SEO in driving profitable business value.

Our journey began with a two-sided job marketplace startup that we grew from the ground up. Through innovative SEO techniques, we saw our daily clicks soar from 50 to 30,000, daily sign-ups reaching 3,000, and total active users reaching 100,000+; all within a few short months. This experience was eye-opening, showing us the potential of well-executed SEO strategies.

We’ve spent years refining our methods and building a team of SEO professionals, and we’ve boiled our SEO growth methods down to a science. As the name suggests, we continue to explore techniques and Trailblaze methods to rapidly and sustainably drive SEO growth for our clients.

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Our Process

Learn more about our process and SEO breakthroughs on our YouTube channel.

Product-led Keyword Research

Product-led keyword research using your key features and capabilities in mind.

Competitive SEO Analysis

Competitor tracking and competitive SEO analysis to ensure that you stay ahead of competitors.

Backlink Building

Learn more about our
backlink building process.

Landing Page Optimizations

We help you to drive non-branded SEO traffic to your landing pages through on-page SEO optimizations.

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SEO Blog Content Production

To write content that is authentic to your brand’s tone, a brand analyst studies your writing to understand your tone of voice. Each blog post goes through 4 stages: Content research, content writing, content editing, and content publishing.

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